Friends of Lincoln Park

The Blues Prophets kicking off Lincoln Park's Summer Concert Series in July.
Photo: Dave Michaud

Looking Back at a Great Year

2019 was one for the books! With the amazing and generous help of our volunteers and donors, the Friends of Lincoln Park managed to get quite a bit accomplished:

  • The inaugural Summer Concert Series was a great success – so much so that we're already planning another Series for next year!
  • The campaign to fill the Park with benches picked up steam, with new personalized benches added this year and more to come!
  • The City has agreed with the Friends to allocate additional CIP funds to help support the renovation of the wrought iron fence and granite piers!
  • Pandora's Winter Light display will once again grace Lincoln Park this holiday season! Watch this space to learn when the lighting ceremony will be so we can all meet in the Park for fun!
  • We're kicking off our campaign to restore the historic fence surrounding Lincoln Park (more info to the right). Now that the inside of the Park is in good shape, we think it's high time to restore the outside! After all, it all dates back to 1866, and that fence has said "NO" to 150 Maine Winters!
  • We're also looking into putting on a harvest festival in the Park next year, when the Park's towering trees are at their most colorful. Do you have ideas about what should be included in such a festival? Let us know!
  • Finally, we're in the early stages of planning a big event for next year's bicentennial of Maine's statehood. It'll be a bash the likes of which hasn't been seen in Lincoln Park in a century ... more details as we get them! We will be teaming up with Opera Maine and several of the singers from their production of Richard Wagner's The Flying Dutchman.

This certainly was a fantastic year for Lincoln Park – with your help, 2020 will be even better!

Fixing the Fence

The next step of our restoration plan for Lincoln Park is to fully restore the cast iron fence surrounding it. The fence was built – and built to last – by the Portland Company back in 1867, and has been protecting the Park ever since. 150 years later, the fence is finally starting to show its age, and it needs some TLC ($$$$$$$$$)!

Please help us restore this historic and artful part of the Park to its original, pristine condition. There are too few public examples at this scale of the craftsmanship of the Portland Company remaining – it's our duty to preserve and protect this one!


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